OvoPlayer A free, multiplatform music player

OvoPlayer is a free music manager and player for Linux and Windows.

It has a simple and clean interface and support all the most common music file format.


Main feature includes
  • Play music
    Support for MP3, FLAC, OGG audio files with all supported audio engine. Also support WMA and APE in most common engines.
  • Playlists
    Read the most used playlist format: M3U, ASX, PLS, XSPF, BSPL, WPL
  • Music collection handling
    Handle large collection of thousands of songs. Fast and simple searching. Organize songs based on artist, album, genre, year, etc.
  • Cross platform
    Run on Linux and Windows (still working on OS X version). Installer avalaible for Windows and Debian based Linux distro.
  • multiple Audio Engine support
    Ovoplayer can use DirectShow, MediaFoundation VLC, XINE, BASS, Mplayer, GStreamer. Works "out-of-the box" on Windows and most Linux distro.
    Support for more engines is on the way